Author Bio

Phil Burrows is a Science Fiction author who turned his craft to writing children's books. Born in a city and raised in the wilds of North Wales, P N Burrows considers himself lucky to have grown up among nature with the idyllic backdrop of the Welsh countryside. 

The Emily series of books is not about her mothers, life is varied and so our children's literature should reflect this. Emily's mothers are treated 'matter of factly' in the narrative as they should be, their sexuality has no bearing on Emily's childhood or the story.  

Phil's other series of books start their journey in North Wales. The Mineran Influence so called because of the area called Minera a few mile outside of Wrexham, starts as off as fiction/mystery and slowly breaks you into full-blown science fiction. The progressive nature is such that you become so embroiled in the tribulations of the characters that none sci-fi readers quickly become converts. You can find the first in the series, Mineran Influence on Amazon